Covid booster jabs, Christmas Market and Toy Swap

This is the time of year when people are getting their Covid-19 booster jab. They should have had their 2nd dose of a vaccine at least 6 months ago and be either: aged 40 or over, care workers, or with a health condition. The official list of allowed people is here. Some lucky people get it done in Abingdon at the charter.

Many travel to the Kassam Stadium where they are currently using the Pfizer vaccine. There is a non booking route, some of the time, but check your 2nd dose was at least 6 months ago. Some people go away disappointed.

This weekend St Helen’s Church have their Christmas Market. It is usually one of the best church sales.

One planet Abingdon have a Toy Swap. So clear out your cupboards and swap your toys and save the planet by cutting down on landfill. The details are at

7 thoughts on “Covid booster jabs, Christmas Market and Toy Swap

  1. Iain

    We thought we were going to have to go to the Kazan having had our initial jabs too late for the last charter clinic, but were pleased to find that Avicenna chemist on Stert St are also doing booster jabs, and can be booked through the NHS site

  2. Gibbo

    we had our booster at the Charter yesterday, it was the last booster clinic being run there, Dr Gwatkin did say that it may be running in future at Tesco……

  3. Chris

    The National Booking System now allows people aged 40 and over, aged 16 and over with a health condition that puts you at high risk from COVID-19, and frontline health and social care workers, to pre-book their booster appointment 5 months after their second jab, meaning that someone could pre-book their jab for the day they reach the 6-month milestone, rather than waiting days or weeks for a convenient appointment.

  4. Annabel Gaskell

    Got my booster at the Kassam yesterday afternoon. There were two queues, one for pre-booked appts and one for walk-ins. It was quite busy took nearly an hour in total even with an appt. Just over half an hour of queuing (mostly inside), then the 15 min sit inside after the jab. Worked out perfectly for me as I’d booked for the cinema for straight afterwards – I recommend House of Gucci!


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