Longest Street Fair in the UK ( 1½ miles long ) – 2021

The Abingdon Street Fair was back after missing a year in 2020. Street vendors were outside their restaurants to add local colour to the event.

Abingdon has a vibrant restaurant scene.

There were only a few face masks to be seen.
The crowds were big.

The rides look the same as two years ago when the event was last held.

Here is a video of some of the rides.

4 thoughts on “Longest Street Fair in the UK ( 1½ miles long ) – 2021

  1. Mr Andy Taylor

    Excellent video, I have not been able to go myself this and this is what young need after all the doom and gloom that is out at the moment, I know covid not gone away and think people should still wearing masks, but hay oh not everyone is going to of the same opinion. lovely photos as well.

  2. Chris

    I’ve not been in the town centre immediately after previous fairs, but was surprised that the fair (apart from signage) was completely gone from Ock Street when I came through at 10:15 this morning: well done!

  3. Steve Newman

    I cant work out how its 1 1/2 mile long as when I jogged along that route before the fair it came up as 1km long. Is it 1 mile and 1/2 if I go up and down the same street ?

    1. Hester

      There has been lots of discussion about that on Facebook – consensus was that it was about 0.6 miles apart from the Stratton Way bit so they must have been counting up one way and back the other! Artistic licence!?


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