Coffee at Cosener’s House

Cosener’s House is a conference centre owned by the Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC) in Abingdon. The STFC is a government and industry-funded organisation which runs some important scientific research facilities.

The STFC does not have exclusive use of Cosener’s House. The facilities are open for weddings, conferences, rooms, and meals. After going to the Becca Caldecott exhibition the other day I bought a coffee and looked around the grounds. There were a few other people at tables. On leaving, a larger party had started to gather.

Over the last two years, work has been done where the Cosenor’s House gardens look out on the River Thames. There is now a wharf and a stronger river wall.

The Victorian grotto has also been strengthened this year and is a safe place to enjoy the view.

1 thought on “Coffee at Cosener’s House

  1. Hattie

    The Cosener’s House do amazing Sunday Lunches!
    I think being a hotel they often get overlooked for food, but they really shouldn’t be. The Brewery Tap, Flowing Well and the Merry Miller all seem to be more popular (I also like them all) but the Cosener’s is just as good, with very generous portion sizes. Plus the staff are all very friendly and welcoming!


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