Whats on (Flyers and Windows)

Helen sent me a flyer for the next big litter pick on 26th June. Thankyou to Newcomer for the important comment on the topic yesterday.

26th June is the same day as The Big Splash Open Day at the Abbey Buildings ( 10:00 am until 12:30 pm), where there will be dancing, live music, theatre, historic tours, and free refreshments.

Diana sent me an invitation to the Abingdon Artists Summer Art Exhibition which starts on Monday at St Helens Church, with original paintings, artwork and cards for sale.

The Abbey Cinema is open and features: Nomadland, the winner of the Oscar for the best film; The Father, the film about dementia in which Antony Hopkins won an Oscar; Euro 2020 football, including England v Scotland on 18th June; and family shows.

In the Oxfam Shop there is a reminder that June is the month to celebrate the LGBT+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, other) community and a chance get better at EDI (Equality, Diversity and Inclusion) of all people who get picked on for looking different.

2 thoughts on “Whats on (Flyers and Windows)

  1. newcomer

    Thanks for flagging my point, Alastair. I thought my comment might be lost in yesterday’s edition.

    Papa John are running the same campaign on the internet:


    so your readers can judge for themselves.

    Yesterday, I explained the error of their ways to a ‘marketing person’ at Papa John … that was a waste of breath. I’ve, also, zapped this off to Private Eye. I’m sure people in the Green/litter volunteers would know of more effective ways to complain.

    … heaven forfend that I’m actuall y advetising this campaighn … !

    1. Colin

      You wrote about this yesterday Newcomer. You seem to have a particular bee in your bonnet about Papa Johns. The problem with litter is not due to papa John’s it is down to their customers who MAY leave rubbish behind.

      The scheme has only just launched and there is not yet any evidence that it is/will cause a litter problem.


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