Next field for development

Daniel has already taken drone photos of the large field north of Abingdon where houses are being built. He has now taken pictures of the next field to be built on, on the other side of Tilsley Park.

The entrance to the site can be seen, as can the footpath to Sunningwell at the bottom of the picture. The roofs of the houses of the Long Furlong Estate and the entrance to Boulter Drive can also be seen.

The photos show tracks across the ground.

Fences have been put around the site and there is a pile of unused fences.

The main work of changing a field into roads and houses is yet to begin.

10 thoughts on “Next field for development

  1. Ste

    Anyone know when the construction of the actual houses and shops on this part of Dunmore Roadare due to begin? I haven’t seen anything about an approved layout yet the site is being cleared/fenced off and is having multiple access roads dug out already.

    1. Hester

      Approval for the first 3 “parcels” of housing was granted in March. The planning reference is P19/V1998/RM. The site layouts etc are at Approval for access works was given earlier in the year.
      The planning application for the next phase which includes the shops, school and “local centre” has not gone in yet, which is worrying as no-one wants 425 houses to go up with no local facilities.

      1. PPJS

        Wouldn’t it be good if developers were required to produce shops, school , community centre and other infrastructure before they built a single house. It seems very easy for planning requirements to be ignored without any apparent sanction being imposed.

      2. Ste

        Thanks Hester, it would be helpful if some of this information was circulated publically rather than having to rely on others to dig around planning application websites.

        Any idea about the Lodge Hill interchange as since the public consultation three months ago nothing has been heard.

        1. Hester

          I agree Ste. We try to keep the Civic Society website up to date with info on the major developments and would encourage people to look there. We also post major items of news on our FB page, but it isn’t always easy to know what is newsworthy.
          I notice we haven’t got anything on there about Lodge Hill – will rectify that. I haven’t heard anything since the consultation closed, but hopefully they are re-thinking the arrangements for cyclists and pedestrians – then the next step will be a planning application, which I think they said would be later this year. Why not ask your local County Councillor – it is good to show them people are interested?

  2. newcomer

    This is ‘off piste’.

    Recently read here of the excellent work being done by the litter-pickers.

    Yesterday amazed to receive through the letter-box, with the other junk mail, a flyer from a junk food outfit called ‘Papa John’, inviting me to order their erzatz pizzas to be ‘delivered to hundreds of outdoor locations’ this being illustrated by three trendy young types sitting on the grass outside surrounded by pzzas and all the associated packaging. I’m sure that some of their customers will take their rubbish home, neverthelless …

    …PAPA JOHN … bringing litter to the British countryside … would be a good strap-line for this ‘service’.

  3. Geoffrey Bailey

    While I don’t object to the development we shall soon have the same sort of traffic congestion they have in the Drayton Rd area. These developers always look to put the cart before the horse. Can’t see that the famous Layla has had the impact on this she wanted.

  4. The Bee 🐝

    Big changes afoot, but houses are needed. The house you’re in now was once a field a wood, a glade.

    1. Daniel

      Raping the countryside, the environment, resources, and communities all for a quick profit.


      Sustainable, truely sustainable ‘development’.

      Yes, we all know we ‘need’ houses. Which are we getting?


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