Some wildlife is doing well

Cow parsley skirts the River Thames opposite the Old Anchor Inn.

Downstream from Abingdon, the riverbank is covered with flowers. Cow parsley grows just about anywhere. Then, as you walk further, a yellow flower takes over as the dominant plant.

The yellow flowers could well be self-seeded oil seed rape, although I can’t remember these particular fields having grown such a crop. They were grown two or three fields away.

There are sparrows flitting and chirping on the riverbank.

The mallard is the commonest, most widespread,  duck in Abingdon and you have a good chance of seeing mallards just about everywhere. They are most at home on or near the river, but can sometimes be seen in the strangest of places, like supermarket forecourts.

3 thoughts on “Some wildlife is doing well

  1. Martin+Gulliver

    Lovely photos as ever. The Ock meadow is bursting with wildflowers.. wonderful to see after the cold Spring.


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