Masterplan for Radley Lakes launched in May 2021

The Radley Neighbourhood Plan, formally adopted in 2018, included a proposal that the wider Radley Lakes area (about ten times the size of Thrupp Lake) should be managed for nature conservation and quiet recreation in the future.

A masterplan for the future of the area has been launched in May 2021.

The Radley Lakes Trust, a registered charity, was established in November 2020, to take forward the implementation of the masterplan. Funding will come from developer contributions (‘CIL’) to Radley Parish Council.

The plan sets out a vision for the Lakes, focused on protecting wildlife and providing valuable green space for local people. The masterplan proposes:
• Enhancing the diverse and rich natural habitats of Radley Lakes.
• New pedestrian and cycling routes and safer parking for cars and bikes.
• New and more varied walking trails within the area, with places to sit and relax.
• Information displays and signage. These will be at the two entry hubs (at Thrupp Lake and Barton Fields) and along the walking trails.

Part of the area, Thrupp Lake, is already open to the public. The Radley Lakes Trust is having discussions with landowners about permissive paths in the wider Radley Lakes area.

To prevent visitors from disturbing important wildlife habitat there will be no public access to sensitive areas.

Councillor Cheryl Briggs, Mayor of Abingdon-on-Thames, said: ‘Time spent in the natural environment is increasingly being recognised as essential for physical and mental wellbeing. The Radley Lakes area meets this important need for the people of Radley, Abingdon and beyond. Lockdown has highlighted this, with many more people discovering and enjoying the area. We believe the masterplan will ensure that these invaluable benefits are sustained for our local communities for generations to come.’

The Radley Lakes Masterplan is available at:

3 thoughts on “Masterplan for Radley Lakes launched in May 2021

  1. Carol Gulliver

    I do hope that accesibility for those of us less able is included – safe paths and easy access from parking to to seating overlooking the lakes would be good. I am afraid that those of us who are less able are often left out of such plans in favour of families and cyclists.

  2. Phil

    Carol. Absolutely agree with you about blue badge parking. However, if cars are encouraged with a general car park this will minimise opportunities to have seating and a picnic area.

    A way to increase accessability for all is to finish surfacing cycle route 5 from Abingdon, and make the bridge near Abbey Meadow suitable for wheel chairs, adapted bikes and cycling.


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