Aerial view of Dunmore Road development this weekend with Fun Fair

Here is the view over the Wootton Road as seen by Daniel’s drone. It shows a funfair on the Circus Field and part of the large development.

As can be seen there has been progress in creating the foundation of new houses in that development. Quite a few outlines are visible.

All the fun of the fair is there this weekend.

Further along the Dunmore Road there is just earth moving and no development yet.

2 thoughts on “Aerial view of Dunmore Road development this weekend with Fun Fair

  1. Hester

    There was a plan to build 70+ houses on the circus field – in addition to the 200 across the road in Kings Gate (even though the Local Plan provides for 200 across the two sites together). The original plan was withdrawn, then Aldi submitted a proposal for a store on part of the site: that is still under consideration by the Planning Department but they have already made it clear that even if a store is approved for the northern corner, they still want to see houses on the rest, even though they recognise that “ the entirety of the site is heavily impacted by noise from the roads surrounding the site on all three sides”. Add to that the impact of those roads on the air quality on the site and the impact on the surrounding area of the additional traffic from those houses and I really wonder whether homes built there will be of the sort of standard we should be providing for a happy and healthy population?

  2. Daniel

    “Happy and healthy” is a long way down the list. There’s the top three development priorities at least before those other ‘nice to have’ are even considered.

    At least all the new houses will all be using grey water recycling, solar panels and ground source heating in order to limit their environmental impact. As well as the carbon offsetting tree planting.


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