Europe Day – 9th May

Thankyou to Brian who sent this picture celebrating Europe Day! It shows the European Flag flying above the County Hall Museum in Abingdon.

Brian says, ‘It has been the flag of the Council of Europe since 1955. The UK is a founding member of the Council and, of course, is still a member.’

‘Much later, in 1985, the same flag was also adopted by the EC.’

2 thoughts on “Europe Day – 9th May

  1. DavidofRugby

    Little known fact: when the council of Europe met in 1951 to choose a flag, one of the designs in the running was a red cross on a white background – the flag of St George.

    Imagine if that had been adopted!

  2. Colin

    I see that the Rubgy club has some new residents in the car park area. Shame there are so many bags of rubbish being left in the bushes


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