Displays in Abingdon Library for Local History Month

Daniel sent me some pictures of the exhibition which includes some of his aerial views of Abingdon, upstairs in the library. The display, put together by Elizabeth Drury, also has a board of Abingdon in the 1950s, and another of Victorian times.

Then in the case are pictures of the River Thames at various times.

Some of Elizabeth’s past and present books can also be seen.

The library also has a local history display downstairs for May is Local History Month. The aim of the month is to increase awareness of local history. The town council website has a local history portal put together by the Abingdon Area Archaeological and Historical Society (AAAHS).

4 thoughts on “Displays in Abingdon Library for Local History Month

  1. Hester

    .. and just advance notice that we WILL have Heritage Open Days this year – Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 September. (Oxford’s “Open Doors” will be the previous weekend). This year’s theme is “Edible Abingdon-on-Thames” (EAT) – full details are still being planned and will be subject to revision if government guidelines change, but it is likely to include a market-place event based around historic foodstuffs, trails to highlight Abingdon’s historic food and drink places, food demonstrations, exhibitions, walks etc etc. And of course something about bunthrowing, something about beer and maybe even a cake spectacular! Venues will include, the Abbey Buildings, Guildhall, St Nicholas Church, the Museum – and the great outdoors.
    Keep the weekend free and watch out for details nearer the time.

  2. Julian Annells

    Sorry to hijack this post, but my cousin is trying to build a memory book for his Dad, my Uncle.
    “Hi, I am putting together a memory book for my 88 year old Dad. We lived on Radley Road (197) and my Dad was a draughtsman at Cowley Concrete until redundancy in 1970 when we then moved to Leicestershire. As a child my Dad lived in St Peter’s Road (16).”

    If anyone has any old photos or paper cuttings that relate to any of the above could they kindly contact me please. Many thanks.

  3. Tim Miller

    The Abingdon Abbey Buildings will reopen to the public on June 26 with the Big Splash Open Day. We’ll have costumed characters, live music, the Mayor of Abingdon, free refreshments, one act drama presentations, and much more. Free admission. Come help us reopen these historic buildings after 15 months of lockdown. -Tim Miller, Curator


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