Abingdon Nightlife to reopen in about 3 months time

Night Life
Abingdon Town Centre remains mostly quiet in the evenings. Pubs and restaurants are closed for consumption on the premises
Night Life
Food and non-alcoholic drinks can be bought on a takeaway basis (between 5am and 11pm). Food and drink (including alcohol if the license allows) can also be delivered.

The government have announced a slow roadmap to reopening. They say this is possible because of the success of the vaccination programme; and how the public have obeyed the law and stayed at home to help suppress COVID-19.

The roadmap includes a number of steps. As part of Step 2 hospitality venues will be allowed to serve people outdoors from 12th April. Then as part of Step 3 indoor hospitality will be allowed no earlier than 17th May. Step 3 includes cinemas.
Night Life
There are bright lights at St Helen’s Wharf. This evening they included the flashing lights of a police car. I hear that the police went from door to door investigating a disturbance.

6 thoughts on “Abingdon Nightlife to reopen in about 3 months time

  1. PPJS

    As ever, you offer us some wonderful photographs.

    I have a book, which once belonged to my mother and was a wedding, called London by Night. It is shows a series of wonderful black and white images of pre-war London taken by Francis Sandwith, ARPS. Towns and cities become quite different when the crowds have gone home.

    1. The Bee 🐝

      Stickies was the ground zero of covid; where the virus first jumped from animal to human. Let’s pretend that place never happened.


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