Rotary are in it for the long haul – ridding the world of polio

End Polio Now
Since 1985, Rotary’s key humanitarian priority has been to rid the world of polio. This used to be a disease that paralysed people in the UK. The last outbreak of polio in the UK was in the late 1970s. There are now a few hard to vaccinate regions in the world. Rotary continue to campaign, help finance health worker training and vaccination programmes to stop the disease returning until the world is certified polio-free.

This year in Abingdon the grass verge next to McDonalds has a display of purple crocus.
End Polio Now
They were planted by The Rotary Club of Abingdon Vesper and Abingdon McDonalds. There is an interesting page about Abingdon Vesper’s involvement in the campaign at Abingdon Rotary Polio

1 thought on “Rotary are in it for the long haul – ridding the world of polio

  1. Chris Lee

    Walking through the precinct today I was surprised to see that the Gift shop at the bottom of the parade near Poundland has closed down.
    I find that a real shame it was one of the shops that always made me stop and look in the window.

    The precinct is looking very empty with all the unoccupied shops.


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