Town Crier magazine (Winter 2020 – 60th Edition) and town notice boards

Congratulations to the Town Crier magazine on reaching their 60th Edition. It dropped onto our doormat three days ago and has some interesting local news, and a very short What’s on section saying ‘ depending on government guidelines events may differ from those normally taking place at this time of year. You are advised to check the Abingdon Town Council website for the latest information on events.’

Spring Road Cemetery now has sheep grazing and they look to be an interesting and inquisitive breed.

The magazine also has three pages dedicated to organizations that are helping during the Pandemic:
* Vale of White Horse Community Hub (01235 422600)
* Abingdon Coronavirus Community Response
* AbiMeds
* Abingdon Community Fridge
* Abingdon Food Bank
* Abingdon Good Neighbour Scheme
* Citizens Advice Abingdon
* Oxfordshire Mind
* Age UK Oxfordshire
* The Abingdon Bridge
* Oxfordshire Domestic Abuse Services

The Town Council has erected two new notice boards, one in front of their Roysse Court Offices

and the other, with two sides, on Bath Street.

3 thoughts on “Town Crier magazine (Winter 2020 – 60th Edition) and town notice boards

  1. moan again

    Notice boards were suggested to the failed Abingdon BID and their failed leader Julie Downing 3 years ago who at the time informed the levy payers (local businesses)that it would cost £40,000, bet the council didnt pay that for them.
    Fortunately Abingdon BID was dispanded after the traders voted 102 to 4 to have them removed as they had done nothing for the town other than take the mandatory levy, which they refused to disclose what they had down with the money.

  2. Hester

    Notice Boards have always been the Town Council’s responsibility: until a few years ago there were several in the Town Centre – 4 or 5 if I remember rightly – but gradually they were removed, with the last ones disappearing in around 2018. The Council first discussed replacing them in February 2019 and the new Council approved these two in September 2019 – at a cost of around £6k. They also proposed a more elaborate board – possibly one of the cylindrical ones popular on the continent – for the Market Place, but that seems to have been delayed.
    It is great to see these two, but we need more: despite the wonders of social media, not everyone gets their information that way! And they shouldn’t just be in the Town Centre. The Friends of Abingdon Civic Society has frequently suggested that bringing the noticeboards in bus shelters back into use would be a good idea. We have also suggested that community groups could help with keeping the noticeboards updated.

  3. moan again

    It was also suggested that notice boards be put at car park entrances so that newcomers could be made aware of what was in the town.


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