Church under Covid-19.

Church under Covid-19
At Trinity the building was reopened for church services six weeks ago, after ensuring a Covid-19 risk assessment was in place.

People are socially distanced, and sanitise their hands on the way in, and mostly pre-book. Everybody registers. People wear face covering, and do not sing the hymns but listen and watch videos of hymns, or listen to the piano.

The service is only 45 minutes rather than an hour. The sermon, prayers, and readings are not very different.  But because people are wearing face coverings the preacher does not get the same feedback.

Before the lockdown people would stay around chatting for up to another hour after the service, but now leave within minutes.
Church under Covid-19
This week was harvest. There were displays of flowers, and a few fruit and vegetables. Normally there is a procession during the first hymn as people bring up tins and packets of rice and pasta to be given to a homeless shelter or Asylum Welcome. This year people donated money so that produce could be brought on their behalf for Asylum Welcome.

At Trinity, service sheets with sermons are sent out beforehand to people who are not able to attend. Other churches stream their services.

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