What’s Streaming in Abingdon

The last event
The posters in the window of Oxfam, Abingdon are like a time capsule on what was just about to happen before we went into Coronavirus lockdown and all public events stopped.
The last event
The What’s On section on the Town Council site has a cascade of cancelled events.
The last event
Two days ago the June 2020 Town Crier, published by Abingdon-on-Thames Town Council, and Round & About Magazine dropped through the front door together.

Round & About had no Idle Ramblings about forthcoming community events, and the Town Crier had no What’s On.

We could do with a What’s Streaming in Abingdon to find – in one place – the streamed concerts and church services, virtual jumble sales, Zoom fitness classes and Instagram art exhibitions.

1 thought on “What’s Streaming in Abingdon

  1. Hester

    Good idea, Backstreeter. Perhaps you could pass it on to the Town Council – their staff are still working so could probably temporarily adapt the What’s On pages of their website?


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