The Cross on Good Friday

Good Friday
Abingdon has a historic connection to The Cross.

The symbol of the Borough of Abingdon was a cross surrounded by four small crosses.

The Fraternity of the Holy Cross was instrumental in building Abingdon Bridge (around 1416) and the Long Alley Almshouse (around 1446) and works in St Helen’s Church. Ancient tradition held that St Helen found the original cross in Jerusalem – the cross that held Jesus. According to Francis Little, The Fraternity set up a stately cross in St Helen’s Church (before 1388).
Good Friday
Christians remember with solemnity the death of Jesus Christ on Good Friday. They believe that Jesus was crucified by the Romans on a hill outside Jerusalem and died on a cross. It was a cruel and humiliating way to die.

The gravestone with the metal cross is in St Helen’s Churchyard.

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