Town Centre Day Centre looking for a new use

Town Centre Day Centre
The former Charter Day Centre (the downstairs part) has been empty since it closed as a Day Centre for people with Learning Disabilities in October 2017. Before that it served as a Day Centre for the elderly until 2008.
Town Centre Day Centre
Suggested uses by the estate agent are educational or as a surgery. It is next door to the library and Malthouse Surgery and multi story carpark.

It would also make a good day centre. The rent is too high though for a community group to take it on.

6 thoughts on “Town Centre Day Centre looking for a new use

  1. hester

    You may be joking, but it belongs to the Vale and actually there is an argument that various bits of the Charter complex (not necessarily this one) would make far better social housing than other places that have been suggested..

  2. Janet

    Why did it become too expensive to be a day centre? The elderly used to use it and I thought it was ideal for a centre for the elderly.

  3. Daniel

    I am partly being tongue in cheek, but also; well…the opportunity to “do something wonderful” with the charter area as part of the Phase 2 redevelopment of that whole part of town has come and now gone.

    Rather than look to The Veil leadership to sort the space for the good of the community; it now seems a moot point. Just go to Didcot and be done with…

    With that in mind, may as well turn it all in to flats. It’s better than nothing I suppose.


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