Kingfisher Canoe Club Try a Boat

Try a Boat
Here are a few pictures from Dave showing the Kingfisher Canoe Club Youth Section at TryaBoat night where there was a great turn out
Try a Boat
For reasons well known in the local community, the last 2 years have been extremely difficult for the club. Their “home” has been restricted to the two temporary box trailers at the lock.
Try a Boat
Dave says thanks to all the general public who have supported them through these difficult times. There Is light at the end of the tunnel.

7 thoughts on “Kingfisher Canoe Club Try a Boat

  1. newcomer

    Marrianne Vos wins her second La Course (ladies competition held during the Tour de France). It undoubtedly helped that she didn’t have to worry about potholes on French roads …

  2. David Surman

    Very interesting comment newcomer. Quite possibly,, but not sure what a French cyclist`s meeting with a Dicot pothole has got to do with the canoe club`s sesh on the river. Am I missing something ??

  3. newcomer

    Very happy to see all the young folk having a good time on the river, David, especially when your club seemed to be obstructed by others self-interests. Outside activities are so much more healthy than sitting around the house.

    I like cycling, which would be so much better were it not for potholes, a situation which is getting progressively worse. Potholes force cyclists off-line, which is something that motorists don’t seem to take into account. Potholes aren’t such an issue for motorists until their suspension is banjaxed.

    Marielle Vos, (a Dutch World Champion) memorably exited this year’s ladies Tour of Britain due to an accident caused by a pothole just outside Didcot. Oxford Council paid a large six figure sum to have the ladies tour include a stage in Oxfordshire for three years.

    Priorities, priorities … a great opportunity for the great and the good to flounce about, and, after all, a photo-op at the closing of a pothole is not as good copy.

    Hope to see more of the Canoe Club on the river in the future.

  4. pjh64

    Really good to see lots of people having fun on the river.

    Quite tempted to have a go at kayaking myself, but at 55, far too old now! Best left to the youngsters.


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