Canoe Paddle Hit

Paddle Hit
The Kingfisher Canoe Club and guests were at Abingdon Weir on Saturday evening enjoying the white water.
Paddle Hit
Somebody was scoring the event with points for difficult manoeuvres. Canoeists attempted to hit the blue target dangling from a rope with the paddle. Some tried to do it twirling the paddle like a helicopter, and others with a front or back swipe.
Paddle Hit
There could have been extra points for throw and catch and hit.
Paddle Hit
Whatever the rules, the River Thames gave them some good water.

5 thoughts on “Canoe Paddle Hit

  1. David Surman

    Great pics Alastair !! Yes you`ve summed up the rules prettty well.At these levels the weir provides a unique location for specific whitewater moves, spins and tricks.Great community at the lock with fantastic cooperation from Richard and Frank. So lucky to have these guys !! They are so positive and rearranged the gate configuration to be the best and safest for us. 🙂 🙂 Looking forward to a positive future now!!

  2. ppjs

    Very glad that Kingfisher are thriving after the troubles over their base a couple of years back.

    Well done, them!

  3. ppjs

    @ David Surman – Good luck!

    Old (and light-hearted) definition of a politician: Someone who, when they see the light at the end of the tunnel, orders some more tunnel.
    Told by former Chairman of ICI, Sir John Harvey-Jones.


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