Clubs and Societies Day – 3 of 3 – Council Chamber

The last room I visited was the grand Council Chamber where the large portraits of royalty and Abingdonians looked down on Clubs and Societies Day, hosted by the Mayor of Abingdon-on-Thames, Councillor Margaret Crick.
Clubs and Societies Day
Abingdon Horticulural Society have their Spring Show on Saturday the 6th of April at the Northcourt Centre from 2pm until 4pm. Members compete in classes for Spring Flowers, Baking, Photographs and  Handicrafts. There is a special section for young people to enter a range of exhibits. The Mayor of Abingdon will present the prizes to winning exhibitors at 4pm. The entrance fee for non members is £1. There will be a plant stall and refreshments will be available.
Clubs and Societies Day
The ABCD Film Society are nearing the end of their annual programme of films at the Abbey Centre off Audlett Drive. They have a special event on 28th March when the film Cold War will be introduced by Polish Historian, Hubert Zuwadzki.
Clubs and Societies Day
Assisted Reading for Children in Oxfordshire (ARCh) are on the look out for more volunteers to give additional help listening to children read. Children are specially chosen by schools, and volunteers go through a specially designed training programme.
Clubs and Societies Day
 Abingdon Music Centre help Abingdon people make music whatever their age. They run a wide variety of groups from learning instruments like guitars and recorders to being part of a choir or orchestra.
Clubs and Societies Day
 Abingdon Fitzharrys WI was formed in 1966 and continues to flourish with more than 40 members. They meet at The Northcourt Centre on the second Tuesday of each month at 7.30pm.
Clubs and Societies Day
The Abingdon Lions were recently featured on the blog for their fund raising and charity work. They were in the Council Chamber near the Gainsboroughs.

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  1. Geoff Bailey

    Hate to correct you but the ABCD Film Society actually operates at The Wellbeing Centre off Audlett Drive.


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