ATOM 2019 – Festival of Science

ATOM 2019
You may have seen James White driving about with an ATOM sign on the roof of his car. You may have heard Mark Thornton promoting ATOM on BBC Radio Oxford yesterday.
ATOM 2019
Hopefully you will may have seen posters, leaflets and the website. The sixth annual Science Festival is starting in Abingdon, which is the geographical centre of a lot of amazing science research at Oxford, Culham and Harwell.

ATOM 2019 will showcase some local science and some inspiring speakers – including BBC science presenter and mathematician Dr Hannah Fry.

The 2019 festival sees a broader range of formats and events than ever before. Visit to find out more.

ATOM 2019
There were some stalls on the Market Place on the first Saturday but it was too windy for the dome so that has been postponed.

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