Hiroshima Day

Thankyou for Sally for this ..

The Abingdon Peace Group had our usual vigil at the War Memorial from 7.45-8.15am, and were joined , as last year, by a young man who comes from Hiroshima and who in fact will be back there this week with his wife and son, visiting his family.

We also had a little ceremony in the Abbey Meadow in the afternoon to dedicate the Peace Tree, a Japanese cherry which we planted many years ago but which had to be replaced recently. We read a “postcard from Hiroshima” which reported on a 50-day pilgrimage taking place now, from the island of Okinawa to Hiroshima. We also heard a poem written by one of our members, Mavis Howard, after a visit to the Luneberger Heath and the death camp at Belsen, reflecting on the deaths there and in the firestorm at Dresden.

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