February 2018 Slideshow

There was snow this afternoon as February 2018 ended with a cold spell. The geese managed to find the grass through the snow…
and the river was as still as a millpond with clear reflections.

Here is a short slideshow of Abingdon during February 2018. Some pictures have not been seen before. If anybody has some music, made or played in Abingdon, that I could use without copyright issues please let me know.

6 thoughts on “February 2018 Slideshow

  1. Janet

    People are concerned about the rough sleepers in Abingdon who have to sleep rough in this weather. Someone said that one was sleeping outside the betting shop on the High Street. I spoke to Ken who is homeless in Abingdon and said to go to the council as some councils are putting on temporary accommodation for rough sleepers in this weather. I do not know if there are any arrangements in Abingdon. Does anyone know whether Abingdon has any arrangement to help them in these low temperatures?

  2. Kraicih

    Probably best to help them get to Oxford where the SWEP (Severe Weather Emergency Protocol) has cut in.
    From the Oxford City Council Website:
    SWEP bed spaces open on the first night of a period when the Met Office forecasts the temperature will fall to zero or below on three or more consecutive nights. When SWEP is activated, emergency accommodation is available for anyone who wants to come inside during freezing weather.
    Rough sleepers who want to access SWEP accommodation need to present themselves at O’Hanlon House between 9 pm and 9:30 pm every night that beds are available.
    As freezing overnight temperatures are forecast to continue this week, Oxford City Council has extended its SWEP for rough sleepers. This means that extra bed spaces will remain available for rough sleepers in Oxford from tonight until the morning of Friday 2 March.

  3. Janet

    I have just spoken to the Housing Department of the District Council. They said that as Kraicih said if there are 3 consecutive nights of severe weather councils are obliged to help rough sleepers. If anyone knows of someone sleeping rough they can contact the housing department on 01235 422422 and they will help. However, the rough sleepers need to know about this and be able to contact the housing department.

  4. Deedee

    Janet, you’re very caring and knowledgeable, ever thought about becoming a local councillor?
    Meanwhile, word is the Vales accountants are about to deliver their results on auditing the financial affairs of the Abingdon BID?
    Apparently, word among towns traders is they want the BID shut down !


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