5th Day of Advent – International Volunteer Day

The 30th Abingdon Beavers Scouts, aged 6 and 7, have been volunteering. They have been putting their promise into action “I promise to do my best,To be kind and helpful..” by working with the community Abingdon Food Bank.
International Volunteer Day
The Abingdon Foodbank visited the Beaver Scouts in September and ran an evening to understand why the foodbank is needed, how it works and what type of food is best to donate to help create balanced meals. After this visit, the Beaver Scouts have been doing good deeds and being kind and helping during the last few months to earn items to donate to the Abingdon Foodbank before Christmas including a few extra Christmas treat items. The Abingdon Foodbank visited last week to pick up all the donations from the Beaver Scouts.
International Volunteer Day
The Beavers also took park in Parliament Week in the middle of November. The meeting hall was set up like parliament in Westminster.

Abingdon Town Councillor, Samantha Bowring talked with the Beavers about why and how local and national decisions are taken and how she was inspired to become a Councillor to help improve the local parks.

Beavers formed their own opinions on subjects, such as whether school uniform was a good idea then came up with ideas for the Beaver meeting the week after.
International Volunteer Day
Three ideas were voted on using a secret ballot. Sledging in the dark was chosen and the Beavers went grass sledging in the dark the week after with the sledges lit up with fairy lights.

To allow these types of Scouting adventures to continue to inspire local boys and girls, aged between 6 to 14, we are in need of new volunteers in Abingdon, especially for Scouts. Scouts are aged 10 to 14.

Scout Leaders facilitate a wide range of adventurous activities. No one individual is likely to have the complete set of skills required to run an effective Scout Troop. Teamwork is key, and all the support you need is there in abundance at Group, District, County and National level. A great part of helping Scouts is seeing them develop into well-rounded teenagers. Contact the Group Scout Leader gsl@30thabingdon.org.uk for more information.

(Thankyou to Avril for this report and all the volunteers who keep the scouts going.)

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