Museum Staff leaving the building

Museum Staff leave the building
Museum Staff are seen here leaving the building for the last time as it closes for refurbishment. Some will be back when it reopens but for others this could be goodbye.

2 thoughts on “Museum Staff leaving the building

  1. Newcomer

    When I rode into town, four years ago, on my old piebald mare (purple and orange) it was the Sessions Hall which was the final argument to persuade me to lay down my lariat for the last time

    I hear ‘doomy music’ when it comes to budgets and the Museum being returned to it’s ‘Provinicial Stasis’ of just ‘being there’.

    I’m sure that ‘budget cuts’ won’t see waste bins being stored in the undercroft (and the overcroft and the inbetweenie crofts) of the building … but we are now in the hands of the mechanics of The Council (Those Without Souls) who have destroyed The Town with Rubbish Bins … may they never have a decent night’s sleep again … the Dark Angels of Retribution are plotting their downfall.

    I have a leather-bound notebook into which I am entering names (exit left with mad laughter)

  2. This Charming Man

    This photo throws up more questions than answers. For example, where’s he going with that carry bag of 12 cans of Carlsberg? Did the Backstreeter get locked in? Did they turn that light off?


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