Work starts on £1.3 million Abbey Meadow pool refurbishment

pool refurbishment
Work on Abingdon’s outdoor pool has started, and weather permitting, the pool will re-open for the 2018 summer season.

The paddling pool and main pool will be combined, and easy access to the pool provided by creating a ‘beach’ area.
pool refurbishment
The changing areas will also have a major revamp, and accessibility improved. A rubber surface will be laid around the pool to protect feet. Lights and heating will use energy-efficient equipment to reduce maintenance and operating costs.

Thanks to the VWHDC (Vale of White Horse District Council) for saving the pool for the next generation and beyond. Also thanks to the Friends of the outdoor pool for their campaign to keep the pool.

5 thoughts on “Work starts on £1.3 million Abbey Meadow pool refurbishment

  1. Deedee

    Not wishing to be a moaning Minnie but these pool plans look dreadful? As far as I can make out the end nearest the river is stepped down almost reaching the other side and the furthest end appears to be very shallow with a steady slope almost to the steps the other end? How is anyone supposed to swim ?

  2. Abby Don

    Deedee, the dark blue lines running across the pool represent lanes, as far as I can work out they are knocking through the existing paddling pool , the ‘deep end’ is not affected or being changed. I think it’s more your view of plans, If you look at the darker edge on the right side of the pool you’ll see the line going down, don’t worry, you’ll be able to swim.

  3. Daniel

    Wonderful News. We know that a lot of people wanted rid…but it is truly great that sense preVEILed and them pesky residents got their way.

    Well done, and thank you for saving our pool.

    Before we know it, this space (the Meadow, the water park, the pool, the play park) is going to be a draw for people from miles around, which can only be a positive thing.

  4. Jenny Smith

    This is wonderful. I hope that there will be a review of the session times they have had over the last couple of years. It has not been possible to use the pool in a 1-2pm lunch break, as that has been a between session closure.

  5. The lady

    I agree with Daniel this will be another wonderful attraction
    although my family a re grown up and my Grandchildren also nothing gives me greater pleasure than seeing the children in the play areas and the Pool will just add to it’s charm!


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