Taller Flag Pole Needed on County Hall Roof

Storm Doris
The flag pole has been taken down from the County Hall roof and will soon be replaced by a taller flag pole.
Storm Doris
Flags are flown every day of the year from that pole and some of them take a battering as they are blown against the stone finials that surround the tower. Mostly it is the Union Flag that is flown, but there are also the Abingdon Flag, St George’s Flag, Armed Forces Flag, and Commonwealth Flag. I remember the days when the EU Flag got flown on Europe Day once a year.

There is also a campaign to get a Rainbow Flag flown during Oxford Pride on Saturday 3rd June 2017.

9 thoughts on “Taller Flag Pole Needed on County Hall Roof

  1. Iain

    Interesting post.

    Cost of taller flagpole was estimated at c £15k – cost of slightly smaller flags estimated at c£2k.

    has there been any outcome of the ‘review’ of flag policy that the council announced about six months ago?

  2. Daniel

    A very quick Google search:


    I would dearly love to know the name of the person and who they are ‘working for’ who can come up with, sit on a ‘committee’ with, discuss with, and vote on and get rubber stamped for spendng £15,000 on a flag pole !!??

    As a metaphor, it would seem to represent everything that is wrong.

    No wonder there’s no bloomin’ money; FIFTEEN THOUSAND POUNDS…..on a flag pole?

    Next we’ll be told that that includes ‘consultany’ fees…

  3. Badger

    To misquote somebody… £15,000 that’s not even the kind of money someone might spend on dental consultancy prior to potential treatment… talking of the Guildhall has anyone noticed the large skip and spring cleaning that’s been going on over the last week? Is it being made ready to be sold off for peanuts?

  4. davidofLuton

    I cannot believe that the Town Council is spending £15K on a flagpole. It seems a ludicrously high sum, especially in light of the closures to Children’s centres and other cutbacks at the moment.

    I assume this decision will be called in to Scrutiny?

    Once again, £15K? Ye gods.

  5. David

    The flag would often get caught on the flag pole, I was told because the flag pole was not tall enough. It will be well worth spending the money on a taller flag pole.


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