Abingdon Aunt Sally League needs committee members

Abingdon Aunt Sally League
Brian has an appeal for help for people to help run the Abingdon Aunt Sally League. He says …

I draw your attention to an immediate crisis facing the Abingdon Aunt Sally League where following their recent A.G.M. the very existence of the League is in question following the resignations of several Committee members.

Abingdon Aunt Sally League
Whilst I appreciate that Aunt Sally is not for everyone, in the Abingdon League last season there were 65 teams ( Pubs or Clubs) that registered and approximately 800 players that had an interest in the game.

For anyone interested the current League address is to be found at abingdonauntsally.com and for anyone wishing to learn the origins of the League Basil Collins a founder member, who is still with us today, writes …

Abingdon Aunt Sally League
As Licensee of the ‘Black Swan’ Abingdon during early February 1960 my interest regarding pub sports was 100% participating in playing darts, when one Saturday morning two customers came into the bar, whom I knew later to be a Sid Green and Ron Farrell, purchased drinks and making general conversation about pub activities, asked me if I would be interested in forming an Aunt Sally League, to which I replied, “What the hell is Aunt Sally?”

Read on … abingdonauntsally.com/history/the-first-30-years

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