Happy Pebble Project

Happy Pebble
We found a Happy Pebble on our doorstep, and there were half a dozen up our street. People in Abingdon have been finding Happy Pebbles since mid September. …
Happy Pebble
and posting pictures on the Happy Pebble facebook page.

The page says “We would like to spread a bit of happiness, make someone smile on a miserable day – see if you can find one of our ‘Happy’Pebbles :)”

9 thoughts on “Happy Pebble Project

  1. Rachel

    Rachel, stone decoration is more accessible to the general population than knitting! I found a lovely yarnstorm up near Radley lakes and had it as my phone’s wallpaper for ages so the smile lasted even longer.

  2. Karen

    Awwwwm I think its a brilliant idea – I have yet to find my own pebble but it will make my day when I do. It’s just a bit of fun people!


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