Bring Pooh Sticks to Abingdon in 2015

Bring Pooh Sticks to Abingdon
The World Pooh Sticks Championship have been held a few miles downstream from Abingdon, at Day’s Lock, since 1983. The competition has grown and the organisers are looking for a new home. They require: a bridge with room for six competitors; over a river with a moderate flow at all times; where there is no risk of hitting passing boats. The site also needs nearby parking for over 300 vehicles, and room for side entertainments.
Bring Pooh Sticks to Abingdon
At Abingdon Bridge there is plenty of room for parking and side entertainments, and the flow is moderate. The main objection might be that competitors would have to cross a busy road to see their sticks re-emerge the other side.
Bring Pooh Sticks to Abingdon
We play pooh sticks on the River Ock near Abingdon town centre.
Bring Pooh Sticks to Abingdon
But the current here is too extreme for a world championship. Sticks plummet over a weir and can get caught in the back tow.

But if anybody does know of a good venue in Abingdon, or way round these problems, please let the Bring Pooh Sticks to Abingdon in 2015 campaigners know. It would be very good if this event could come to Abingdon.

(Pooh Sticks was invented by A.A Milne for his son Christopher Robin – named after his son’s bear Winnie-The-Pooh. The game requires contestants to drop a stick from a bridge into a river. The competitive element is seeing whose stick crosses the finishing line first.)

5 thoughts on “Bring Pooh Sticks to Abingdon in 2015

  1. Spike

    The white pedestrian bridge on the first photo of this item is exactly the type I have been ranting about for many years. A bridge like like this located on Wilsham Road at the end of Preston Road area would form a perfect loop for visitors to the town to walk a full circuit as well as allowing cyclists and residents from south Abingdon an alternative route into town without having to go over the one-way Iron Bridge.

  2. daniel

    Spike – I never knew anyone else spoke such sense…i assumed it was just me!

    I have said this for years too! A circular walking route, for this part of town…The added bonus is that it would ‘open up’ the shops on W/E St Helens street…make even more of the excellent pub thatis The Anchor, and make more of St Helens wharf etc…

    I even mooted how it could get paid for – but was shouted down for being a communist (?!)

    I mentioned it to various organisations responsible for “Abingdon”…and got politely told that whilst they admired my vision…really…we need to concentrate on flower beds and gazeebos.

    I guess it is easier to think small, and achieve little, rather than.. my, o my….aim high!….

    Happy to meet and discuss how we can make it happen (without any of those organisations getting involved and standing in our way…).

  3. Spike

    Sounds like a plan, I know a few contacts through my work for SSAFA in the town so lets get this plan of action going Daniel.

  4. Spike

    Quote from Herald….PLANS for an island theatre and new footbridge in Abingdon appear to have been scrapped.

    Vale of White Horse District Council said project group Isis, which wanted to build on Nag’s Head Island, had ditched the idea.

    Vale councillor Richard Webber, who came up with the proposal, said it was unlikely anything would be built on the island.

    Our top stories

    Mr Webber, also a member of the Isis project board, said: “The project as envisaged has not been scrapped, but it has been changed greatly.

    “It is unlikely anything will go ahead in that place.

    “I do not wish to comment further at the moment.”

    Plans were announced in March for a 33-metre pedestrian bridge built from the Old Gaol to a 350-seat open-air theatre on Nag’s Head Island.

    It was to be funded by £600,000 in grants from groups like the National Lottery and £150,000 from residents.

    Vale spokeswoman Natalie Ellis said: “The council was approached early last year by a community interest company called Isis that wanted to develop some of the island for an open-air theatre and other community facilities in parallel with the redevelopment of the existing chandlery (boatyard). ……There is money out there

  5. Mike

    The footbridge at Preston Road is a nice idea but if it is to be open to cyclists it will need a proper dedicated cycle way on the eastern side up to Abingdon Bridge, and this will have to be separate from the Thames towpath. It is illegal to cycle on that stretch of the towpath and a lot of people are currently breaking the law by doing so. I have had several near misses while walking along the towpath between Abingdon and Culham (and between Abingdon and Radley for that matter).


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