New Tarmac for Old Bricks

Leisure Centre Carpark
The new overflow carpark at the White Horse Leisure & Tennis Centre in Abingdon is completed.
Leisure Centre Carpark
Work has now moved to the main car park which, although only just over ten years old, is getting torn up
Leisure Centre Carpark
and the herringbone bricks replaced by tarmac. To me this seems peculiar, but then I wasn’t on the Council committee that decided the change.
Leisure Centre Carpark
To me it looks like the pantomime exchange of ‘new lamps for old’, and such a waste of resources.

10 thoughts on “New Tarmac for Old Bricks

  1. Windman

    I would agree with your analysis that this does seem a total waste of moneys. However, you are very wrong to assume that a Council committee approved to this idea – nowadays such decisions are taken by a single cabinet member – in this case Cllr Elaine \Ware, a Vale Councillor for Shrivenham – though it is even possible that even she did not know of the plans as the operation of the White Horse Leisure has been handed over to a private company….. in this age of out-sourcing, democratic control is often lost. .Perhaps one of Aingdon’s Vale councilors may care to comment ?

  2. Elsie

    I’m really pleased to see the car parking facilities have been extended, this should prevent customers blocking Nyatt Road and Hadland Road every time there is an event. I spoke with Abingdon councillors last year and they said it was in the budget … true to their word. I’m happy.

  3. Dave

    New tarmac looks dreadful. What an eyesore, particularly near the entrance. Workmen have just slapped it down without doing any edging. What was wrong with the herringbone bricks?

  4. Steveo

    Seems odd to spend money on replacing the bricks. Was there an issue with them?
    We’re constantly told that we’re staring into a financial abyss and the county is bankrupt, yet they spend money on this. I agree that it doesn’t make any sense.
    On a plus note, I am glad there is more parking though!

  5. Houdini

    In quite a few places the bricks had lifted up as cars drove over them. You can hear them under your wheels. Not a good surface really for the amount of vehicles that pass over them, unless they were laid and fixed properly in the first place.

    Tarmac should be better if done properly. After all, aren’t our roads all laid with Tarmac and not bricks?

    The leisure centre has recently been taken over by another company – Better Leisure, so with changes already in place and plans for more, maybe the car park was something they wanted to improve on.

  6. Peter

    There should not be a need to extend the car park at all.
    People should not have to use their cars every time they visit the Leisure Centre.
    There needs to be a decent bus service to the Leisure Centre. I have never understood why there is a number 35 bus service every 15 minutes along the Radley Road and approximately every 10 minutes along the Oxford Road.
    Peolple can travel from Abingdon to Oxford along the Oxford Road using the X1 , X2, X3, X13 and 31 buses.
    Sometimes two buses come at once – surely some of these buses could go via Audlett Drive and the Leisure Centre

  7. Gunga

    Surely the majority of people visit in cars on their way home from work or School at that afternoon busy period. If your driving home your hardly going to drop the car off and catch the bus.


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