Let’s be Honest!

It is 50 years since John Robinson’s ground breaking book – Honest to God – was first published.

The next meeting of the The Abingdon Progressive Christianity Network Group, who follow in that tradition, will be held on 3 December, 7.30 pm, at St Michael’s Church. The discussion will consider what a church true to an honest understanding of Jesus might be like.

A few weeks ago the group hosted at Trinity a bigger event, inviting people from further afield, called: Let’s be Honest – Exploring a fresh way forward for Christianity. The picture shows Revd Canon Adrian Alker speaking at that event.

1 thought on “Let’s be Honest!

  1. Janet

    Huh, Jesus remembered? It is a disgrace that the life of Jesus was completely changed by Emperor Constantine and in turn by the Roman Catholic Church. Mary Magdalene was a disciple of Jesus and he was very fond of her. Peter said to Jesus ,’why do you love her more than us?’. However, Emperor Constantine was a Roman and Romans knew that if someone was made divine people would worship them and the stronger the mystique. All reference to Mary Magdalene was removed and deleted. The same as people are not aware that Jesus had a brother who became Governor of Jeruselem.


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