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Be a part of it!

Thanks to Karin for this piece …

It’s great to see the Abingdon Passion Play 2024 taking shape. The evenings are getting lighter, and singers and actors are progressing with rehearsals. We had lovely smiley faces from the APP singers and Musical Director Sally Mears one cold February evening at St Nicolas.

In the meantime actors have been immersing themselves in rehearsing the script, meeting in the spacious play area at All Saints Methodist Church on Friday nights, moving to a more intimate space at St Edmunds on Mondays. St Edmunds is where the cast first rehearsed Jesus’ death on the cross. Someone wrote I.N.R.I. on a piece of paper and placed it on the wall above Jesus, and two actors rolled imaginary dice for Jesus’ robe. It was a very moving moment, reminding all of us why we want to bring this story to the people of Abingdon.

Theatre is a joyful event, and we also have a lot of fun as we get to know each other over a cup of tea (and sometimes delicious homemade cake!) in the break. There is still room for additional actors to be temple guards, soldiers, disciples and crowd, so do get in touch or join us at one of our rehearsals if you want to be part of this exciting community project.

Rehearsal times can be seen at

The Wrong Goodbye – Premier

The Wrong Goodbye - Premier
At the Unicorn Theatre this week from Wednesday 19th – Saturday 22nd November there is a new play by an Abingdon author, Stephen Rees, called The Wrong Goodbye.
The Wrong Goodbye - Premier
It is the story of a man suffering early onset dementia, with his brother giving up his job to try to care for him. The play is put on by the Abingdon Drama Club.

When I see the headlines on the perspex newspaper stands nowadays, I am struck by how often there is a front page headline about a new cure or way to prevent Alzheimers. Alzheimers is the scariest condition facing people in later life. It can mean the loss of independence, dignity and a devastating impact on loved ones.

Home Made BMX Track

Home Made BMX Track
There was the sound of people working inside the little wooded area over the dog walking field near the Tithe Farm Estate in Abingdon.
Home Made BMX Track
A group of young people were renewing the BMX track with rakes and spades. The track was not one built by a council but created abut 7 or 8 years ago, using earth tracks and bridges made with earth on wooden pallets.

It was a surprise to find some young people still trying to looked after it after all this time.