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Theme Day – May 2021 – Earth

The field between the Dunmore Road and Wootton Road, currently being developed for new houses, has been used for agriculture since at least 1880 and probably much further back.

The earth or soil here comprises a topsoil of clay with a subsoil of stiffer clay and bands of sand and gravel.

The British Geological Survey of the area indicates that beneath the soil is harder Amphill & Kimmeridge Clay from the Jurassic Period.

Since my last visit to the development, the speed limit on the Abingdon outer relief road has changed from 40 MPH to 30 MPH near where the new housing is to be.

The Wootton Road is closed both sides of the Wotton Road roundabout for a few weeks, although you can still go round the outer relief road.

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March Mirrors

This mirror was on display in Caldecott Road, Abingdon almost a year ago when the UK first went into lockdown because of Covid-19. The mirror has the rainbow of hope, NHS (national Health Service), and the phrase ‘This too shall pass’.

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Neighbourhood – Theme Day at City Daily Photo

These houses stood in West St Helen Street in the town of Abingdon-on-Thames until the late 1970s. This picture was sent to me by Steve and says ‘my old house is where your house is now’.
The new houses, including ours, were built around 1980.

West St Helen Street is one of the two roads leading north from South Abingdon, and can be busy. It is in the centre of town near all the shops. During the last three months of the Coronavirus lockdown it has been quieter and more neighbourly. We saw several neighbours, out at the same time – standing on doorsteps, when people applauded hospital workers and other key workers on Thursdays at 8pm.

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Albert Park – City Daily Photo Theme ‘parks’

Pentecost Sunday
There are five entrances into the Albert Park in Abingdon. The entrance at the bottom – held open by a metal arm, gives a view to the Albert Memorial at the top of the park.
Pentecost Sunday
Albert Park is landscaped with trees and bushes – no flower beds. There is a pathway inside the perimeter and grass lawns at the centre, including the super perfect lawn of the bowls club.
Pentecost Sunday
There were people seated in small groups on the grass. The lockdown is easing and life is speeding up in Abingdon. Let us hope it does not go back to the complete Helter Skelter of before.
Pentecost Sunday
Year 1 and 6 went back to school yesterday or today, with smaller cohort groups and different entrances and separate playtimes to try to keep social distancing. (picture shows marking at Entrance 2 at Carswell School near Albert Park).

There were still a lot of children about in the park.
Pentecost Sunday
Prince Albert and Queen Victoria had nine children, five girls and four boys. For those who have been home schooling you can read Prince Albert’s Parenting Tips at

Albert devised the children’s demanding curriculum, and closely monitored the day-to-day running of the schoolroom with the governors and governesses. 

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