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September 2017 Productions at the Unicorn Theatre in Abingdon

drama at the Unicorn Theatre
Wed 13th – Sat 16th September – When we are Married – Written by J.B.Priestly – Performed by Breakaleg Productions.
drama at the Unicorn Theatre
Thu 21st – to Sat 23rd September – Into the Woods- Music and Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim – Book by James Lapine – Performed by MAC Productions
drama at the Unicorn Theatre
Wed 27th – Sat 30th September – Portia Coughlan – Written by By Marina Carr – Performed by Abingdon Drama Club.

Match the correct production to the synopsis …

A Baker and his wife live in a village where they all wish for something they can’t have. The Baker and his wife wish for a child, but they soon find out that because of a family curse they must first get magical items from classic fairy tales.

A woman cannot forget her twin brother who died fifteen years before. She still hears him calling to her. As a result she lives a detached existence.

A group of friends, all married on the same day in the same chapel, gather to celebrate their silver anniversary. They discover ‘shock horror’ that they are not legally married.

When Ali Came to Abingdon

When Ali Came to Abingdon
When Ali Came to Abingdon‘ was a drama on Radio 4 today and can be heard at

“One over-excited fan, Mick, and his son, Luke, allow boxing-fever to overtake them waiting for a visit of Muhammed Ali to Saxton Road in Abingdon; wife and mother Sandra rebels and finds solace in a local women’s group.”

Written by Bethan Roberts, born in Abingdon, who now lives in Brighton.

One Act Play Festival

One Act Play Festival
At the Unicorn Theatre this week there is a festival of one act plays. The plays are introduced by, Dierdre, the Chairman of the Oxford Drama Network committee, who organise this annual event.
One Act Play Festival
Each evening there are two plays.

After each play an adjudicator gives some background to the plays and then assesses the plays. He then suggests some directional changes and tries them about before the audience.

The first play this evening called Deckchairs showed two pairs of women on the seafront passing the time of day.
One Act Play Festival
During the interval we had a drink in the Long Gallery of the Old Abbey Buildings where the Oxfordshire Drama Wardrobe, based in Steventon, had a display of their costumes. They are there for drama groups, and people who need to dress up for other reasons, to hire.
One Act Play Festival
In the second half we saw a play called California Suite by the Bartholomew Players. It was very well directed and performed.

Three of the plays get called back tomorrow night for the Gala Evening. I was surprised that California Suite was not among them. The others must be excellent.

The Gala Night includes:

  • Still Life by Noel Coward performed by Breakaleg Productions
  • Too Long an Autumn by Jimmy Chinn performed by Sinodun Players
  • Dynamo Flo by Wayne T. Brown performed by Oxford Theatre Guild.

Abingdon Passion Play 2016 – Call for Actors and Singers

Abingdon Passion
Abingdon Passion Play 2016 will be two big outdoor performances in Abingdon on Sunday 13th March next year. It is an exciting fast-paced re-telling of the Easter story, and this is your chance to be part of it! If you’d like to be on stage there are plenty of opportunities for actors and singers. This is real community theatre and you are welcome whatever your age, background or beliefs. Experience welcome but certainly not necessary!
Abingdon Passion
Call for Actors

Choose from the following informal auditions at Peachcroft Christian Centre in North Abingdon:
Sunday 8th November 2pm (men) 4pm (women)
Monday 9th November 8pm (men)
Tuesday 10th November 8pm (women)
Abingdon Passion
Call for Singers

Come to the choir taster session on Wed 18th November 8pm at Peachcroft Christian Centre, North Abingdon and find out more.

There are also lots of other roles to help with this production. To register your interest contact Julie Kemp-Harper on 01235 521049 or feel free to just turn up.