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Riverside Cafe on Sunny May Day Morning (+ swallows)

Under new management (formerly Annie’s), the newly-redecorated Riverside Cafe enjoyed a busy May Day morning thanks to the sunny weather.

Customers went to the café for coffee and cake and to enjoy the sunshine on the riverside patio.

Swallows were giving the customer a spectacular aerobatic display near Abingdon Bridge, some landing to gather stalks to make their nests.

New Café Bar on the Market Place

A new café bar opened two days ago at 15 Market Place, Abingdon, offering a daytime café and a wine bar in the evening.

On my first view on this chilly April morning, people were enjoying the warm seats indoors, but not too many were using the seats outside yet. Someone joked that the additional seating adds to the ongoing “Chair Wars” on the Market Place.

Martin, originally from Belgium, says the chairs on the Market Place remind him of the wonderful café culture on the continent.

The premises were previously a nursery shop and, before that, another café with a French name. The name lives on in Bath Street.

New Pet Store Opens after Old Pet Store Closes

A new pet shore opened on April 2nd! It’s run by the same people who ran the old store nearby. They have lots of experience (over 30 years!) selling pet supplies. The old store closed on March 28th, but a new owner opened this one. It’s in Coxeter’s Yard off Stratton Way

This new shore has everything you need for all sorts of pets and food for wild birds.

The manager has a dog called Freddie.