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Allen’s snowy Trinity and link to Abingdon Winter 1963

Allen sent in this picture of Trinity for the URC Calendar.

One of the most interesting photographic records of Abingdon in the 1950s and 60s has pictures of the winter of 1963 in Abingdon. They can be seen at Pictures are by Bernard Loach and Martin. The site is dedicated to telephone exchange equipment and early TV transmission equipment and aerials, and Abingdon.

On the left hand menu you can see among the electronics:
* Abingdon, 1950s
* Abingdon Ock Street Michaelmas Fair – Irvins setup
* 1960s Destruction of Abingdon
* Aerial Views of Abingdon taken in the early 1980s
* Abingdon Winter 1963
* Abingdon Lantern Slides
* Abingdon Miscellaneous

Heavy Hail Storm

There was a heavy hail storm that left a layer of slushy ice on the ground, and running water on the paths. Thunder roared overhead and the chap who sits under a tree in all weathers with his dog decided to make a move.

People had been gathering at the bowls club but they all left and drove off during the hail storm. The pitch was covered and, if our lawn is anything to go by, it took an hour or two to melt.

Snow and Blossom on Boxhill Park

Daniel took some aerial shots of the snow yesterday over the Boxhill Park Recreation Ground, with the Workhouse Estate to the right.

The pictures allows us to study the paths of the dog walkers.

Today I walked round the same recreation park, in the sun. In this picture Boxhill Road is in front, and the Workhouse Estate behind.

Beside Boxhill Road, a new line of fruit trees were added last autumn to replace some cherry trees that were thought to be diseased. There are apple trees (of various varieties), pear trees (Conference) and plum trees (Victoria). The pear trees (shown above) and plum trees are in full blossom.

It is easy for a non-expert to tell them apart thanks to the descriptive labels.

It does not appear, at this stage, that the blossom has suffered from the snowfall. This is plum blossom.

Lockdown restrictions eased in a mid-Spring snow fall

Just before 9 am this morning some barbers were already busy. Queues had formed outside those yet to re-open.

Pubs with gardens, like the Nags Head, were all prepared and have been taking bookings.

Pubs, non-essential shops, hairdressers, indoor gyms, and nail salons can all re-open from today under the easing of Covid lockdown restrictions.

Snow had been forecast but it was still a surprise to see it mid-April.

Flowers and plants huddled down to keep warm until the snow melted.

The Monday Market had all the stalls back again for the first time this year.

P.S. By noon, the sun was shining and the snow had melted.