Two Foot Bridges now out of order in South Abingdon

There are currently two bridges out of order in South Abingdon …
Two Bridges Out
Walks across the River Ock are not possible at present because of Health and Safety grounds.
Two Bridges Out
Another bridge in Southern town park is still out of order, and has been since January when it was damaged by a car fire.

Both bridges are the responsibility of the Vale of White Horse District Council.

7 thoughts on “Two Foot Bridges now out of order in South Abingdon

  1. Mr G

    The council receive plenty of money from property owners and shop owners these bridges should be done instantly . We are trying to encourage people to buy property and shop in this town and the council are making it worse .

  2. Nick

    That is a disgrace and health and safety issue. It is beyond belief that the council’s response is a piece of paper.

  3. Native

    Another example of how contracting out our council labour just doesnt work out. I guess rather than it getting a regular inspection and repairing there and then now we have to wait until they recieve enough complaints to then get around to finding three or four contractors (from anywhere but local I should think) to quote for the job so they can then get the cheapest bodge job done that’ll last until the next bit brakes. The bit that the contractor noticed but ignored in the hope he gets the job again…

  4. patlon

    Well, given that the district council is responsible, then it must be their land and given that the route over the River Ock is not a Right of Way, then they are not obliged to provide a bridge. So, my attitude is less cynical, that I am grateful that they have provided this facility for many years and hope that they are able to afford to repair the bridge asap.

  5. coggin

    As the bridge that is burnt is not boarded up or have a bit of paper this is actually a health and safety problem, I went across the bridge the other day with my daughter, we did managed to navigate without falling down so I will not be suing.


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