Abingdon Xtra Presentation and Town Council Meeting

Abingdon Xtra Town Council
This evening Mark from Radio Abingdon Xtra did a presentation about the soon to be launched Internet Radio Station … Abingdon-Xtra.

Mark is looking for volunteers from any background to help the community radio station take off and grow. He also needs business sponsors. Mark will be using posts from this blog in the news feed.

This evening there was also a meeting of Abingdon-on-Thames Town Council. There have already been suggestions that the Town Council Meetings should be me made available as broadcasts – or even podcasts. So Mark is considering all such ideas as he wants radio content to be about the local community with music.

The news about the opening of the Museum on July 7th has already appeared on the front page of The Abingdon Herald but it was also announced at the Town Council meeting.

Abingdon Xtra Town Council
There is still a lot of work needed to meet that date.
Abingdon Xtra Town Council

Exhibits need unpacking and putting in cases.

A huge amount of effort has been put into the Jubilee Celebrations. But it is back to business as usual. The Town Council went through all the recent committee meetings making comments on a few such as additional saltbins, making progress on the MG Garden, progress on the Guildhall plans etc …
Abingdon Xtra Town Council
I see that a lot of grass cutting has been done in the last couple of days, as the staff catch up on normal duties.

3 thoughts on “Abingdon Xtra Presentation and Town Council Meeting

  1. Richmond

    It would be helpful if the Museum put a clear message on their doors saying that the museum would reopen on the 7th July. When I looked on Monday 11/6 is just says that it is closed.

    Also, their own website does not mention the opening date; it says will ‘re-open Summer 2012’, and it doesn’t have the opening times either (if they are there, I can’t find them).

    I would have thought after all the money spent and hard work they would want to encourage visitors to the new layout and exhibits.

  2. Helen P

    I think that you will find that there will be more publicity for the museum reopening now that the excitement of the Jubilee is over.


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