March 1st – St David’s Day

If Trinity Church is anything to go by, a lot of people here in Abingdon have Welsh roots and still mark March 1st – St David’s Day – in some way. Some people may pin a daffodil or a leek to their clothes as these are symbols of Wales.
St David's Day
The Local Excellence Market was held yesterday in Abingdon. It was smaller than usual but vibrant. On the fruit and veg stall were lots of leeks. Most were as straight as those you might get at a supermarket. Others had grown with a distinct curve.
St David's Day
I came away with a very fine curving example. One traditional meal on St David’s Day is Cawl. It is a soup that is made of leek and other locally grown produce.

4 thoughts on “March 1st – St David’s Day

  1. Michael

    There was a notice to say the craft fair had been cancelled due to the weather. Luckily it didn’t apply to the food stallholders, some of whom struggled in.

  2. newcomer

    Bendy leeks, backstreeter! Aren’t they against some EU rule?

    One of the great vegetables that shouldn’t be fiddled with too much. Choppped, steamed, apply butter and lightly garnish with Dijon mustard..

  3. PM

    Spoke to one of the stallholders who said the whole market was cancelled by email at 6am on Saturday but as he doesn’t read his emails that early he turned up. Weather mostly dry in the end too. Guess someone was worried the gazebos would be blown away.

  4. Kelly Simpson

    I heard that it was predicted wind speed/gust and it’s a Health and Safety regulation. The evening before the forecast had been within the limit, but changed overnight.
    Good for them for battling on, but there would probably have been insurance issues had there been an accident.


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