November 2016 Abingdon Blog Slideshow

In years gone by I put together a slideshow with music at the end of each month. Here is a return to that tradition. The front picture shows performers in A Christmas Carol at the Unicorn Theatre this coming weekend.

Click the x in the right top hand corner of any adverts that appear as soon as you can. That is just google trying to make money from youtube through advertising.

2 thoughts on “November 2016 Abingdon Blog Slideshow

  1. R.

    Thank you, Alastair. Lovely music, a little sad and wistful but with a good “bounce” to give us hope that 2017 will be a smoother ride than 2016 has been.

  2. rudi

    you get money from the advertising too. i have uploaded a few things over the last 7 or so years and just happened to turn on adsense on my account a few month back. turned out £177 was waiting for me – imagine if you had a video go viral.


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