Abingdon Blog – June 2020 update

Abingdon Blog
It is ten years since I have updated the look of the Abingdon Blog, and today have made a few changes which I hope will work. They include:
* bringing all posts and comments since 2006 in one archive (rather than 3)
* improve how it looks on mobile phones
* allows replies to replies, and replies to replies to replies etc.
* fix historic links to websites that no longer exist (there are a lot that have stopped working since 2006)
* allow space for bigger pictures and videos
* remove the brown flock wallpaper which was looking dated

Let me know what you think. If it all goes wrong, and you cannot leave a reply, email backstreet60@gmail.com .

I could still go back to the old but hope to fix any problems and move forward.

14 thoughts on “Abingdon Blog – June 2020 update

  1. PPJS

    Congratulations on a lot of hard work, Alastair! It is certainly gives a fresh look to the blog and I wish it and you well.

  2. Karon

    I think you have done a great job, thank you for all your hard work!
    Since moving away from Abingdon, your blog these past few years has allowed me to ‘pop back’ each week to see and hear about Abingdon life.
    Your blog is uplifting, positive and a joy to read, thank you.

  3. Sarah

    It would be nice to have an option to enlarge pictures to a larger size by clicking on them – possibly in a pop out window.

    1. Backstreeter

      Hi Sarah, There won’t be larger pictures for old posts but going forward I have room on the page for larger pictures. I can also use a mix of smaller pictures on the post which will expand when clicked on.

    2. morrismac

      I think I preferred it when the “Reply” button came after the article, just from an ease of use point of view.

  4. The lady

    To the folks who spend a great amount of their time looking towards affordable homes in the town..please take a look at magnet close and the disgusting way they leave their homes…i wish to add that yesterday ion our ccv A boy from magnet close was caught forcing our door And placing a stone so he could return and sabotage the building which he and his mates have done before..it is now in police hands


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