Bath Street – without and with motor cars

Bath Street
On the sunny side of this old picture postcard is the Horse and Jockey pub. The nearest building, on the shady side, was a malthouse.  The road is scored with wheel tracks and darkened with horse droppings.  The sunny side pavement has a smooth path between cobbles. A delivery boy stands with basket and starched apron. The year is a round 1880 and the photo would have been taken with a tripod. The motor car had not been invented.
Bath Street
A picture of Bath Street this afternoon. Stratton House, directly ahead, still has the blocked-up upper-floor windows. The malthouse is now part of Abingdon School. The pub is now Gosling Court. Another pub, the Black Swan, further away, used to have two gables facing the road, and now has been rebuilt and the gable faces down the road. The motor car has been invented and has had new innovations every year for over a century. It is no longer safe to stand in the road and take photographs with a tripod.
Bath Street
The Morland sign outside the ex-pub could do with a touch of paint.

4 thoughts on “Bath Street – without and with motor cars

  1. Janet

    Times have certainly changed. The police issued a disperal order for three days in Aibngdon town centre as they had three medical emergencies in the cenre at the same time and while they were trying to deal with them a group of youths were disruptive.

  2. Ste

    The Horse and Jockey was always a good and lively pub to go to when I became of age to drink in the late 90s, recall a few lock-ins as well…shame that it went in 2002/03 ish.

    But, I think as it relied solely on drink trade it was never going to last in a modern world given its slightly out of town location.

  3. Michael

    The Horse and Jockey used to have folk evenings, didn’t it? Just down Stratton Way from that junction, next to Seeney’s, there’s a new Italian ceramics shop called Bella Rita. They told me they’re opening on Saturday and hope some people still need Christmas presents.


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