Autumn Apple Juice Making at the Community Space

Autumn Apple Juice
Abingdon Carbon Cutters have their apple crusher, press and pasteuriser in the Community Space in Bury Street.
Autumn Apple Juice
It is a chance to make your own apple juice, or join in with community apple juice making. Many people are donating surplus apples and windfalls, and coming along to lend a hand.

In this short video, Samantha Bowring explains the process of apple cutting, crushing, and pressing; then apple juice bottling and pasteurising.

You can borrow the complete kit for £10 a day (£15 a day at weekends) or book a slot between Sept 21st & Oct 3rd in the Community Space in Bury Street precinct. More information at Abingdon Carbon Cutters.

2 thoughts on “Autumn Apple Juice Making at the Community Space

  1. Janet

    I was at R.H.S. Wisley a couple of weeks ago. In the fruit section they were offering an apple identification service. Anyone who had an apple tree and did not know what variety it was could bring their apples along and the horticulturalists would try to identify the variety. They had a table with lots of different labelled apples of all different varieties, many of which I had never heard of before. It is wonderful to have all these varieties of apples still growing in the country. People are more aware of the need to save all our heritage varieties of fruit.

  2. ppjs

    You can taste some of these varieties in ciders made by Sheppy’s of Bradford-on-Tone. They are on sale at Milletts.

    Yes, I am related – unfortunately, I don’t get any commission!


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