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Thank you for the thought for today

Thought for Today
Thankyou to the Abingdon-on-Thames Parish team who have recorded a Thought for Today from Monday to Friday since the 13th April. The last recording was for June 30th with Revd Paul Smith on becoming friends of time. The recordings are all still available at
Thought for Today
They have ended for now. Normal life is resuming. That may be a new normal.

The churches of St Helen’s and St Nicolas have been open for personal prayer.
St Helen’s:
Wednesday 11 am – 1pm
Saturday 11 am – 1pm
St Nicolas (in the Market Square):
Monday 10 am – 1pm

Churches are allowed to open from July 4th if they have measures to stop Covid-19 transmission. That will include distancing, hygiene, and information.

Second Abingdon Charity Shop re-opens

Shop fronts
Cancer Research Uk re-opened today in Abingdon. They are the second charity shop in Abingdon to re-open.

They have put in place safety measures to stop the transmission of the virus and keep people safe. Only 4 customers will be allowed in the shop at any time and shop displays allow 2 meter social distancing.
Shop fronts
Another shop that has a new look is the ex-Ladbrokes. It will open as Abingdon Nail Spa. The nail bar that was in West St Helen Street are moving and upgrading.

The name Abingdon does carry a certain significance. It is also used by Abingdon Health, in York, who are working on a Covid-19 antibody test.

Trees Growing Back on their own

Radley Lakes
The weather today was changeable.  We went for a walk out to Radley Lakes and took the anti-clockwise route. The first view of Thrupp Lake, during a shower, looked a bit like the Amazon.
Radley Lakes
Back in 2007, I watched the battle of Radley Lakes. It was between campaigners, and security guards with face masks. A lot of trees were cut down in preparation for filling the lake with ash from Didcot Power Station.

The campaigners won and that never happened. Trees are growing back and creating new mini islands.
Radley Lakes
Another Radley Lake, that did get filled with ash, is full of trees that are now ten to fifteen years old.

In another fifty years the trees could take over Thrupp Lake as well.

Trinity Conduit Centre and Garden

Conduit Centre
Before and during the lockdown there has been work on improvements to the Conduit Centre next to Trinity Church. The hall is used by many community groups, and the intention is to make it more accessible.

Work did stop at times when it was difficult to get materials, but the Conduit entrance hall and toilets are now almost complete.
Conduit Centre
The gardens at Trinity are looked after by volunteers gardeners.

Keeping Rubbish out of the Green Wheelie Bin

Hottest Day of the year
The Vale of White Horse District Council sent out a press release last week to remind residents not to contaminate their green recycling bin with rubbish.

The recycling crew check the top of the green wheelie bin, and sometimes slap a sticker on it and leave it unemptied. (The truck-load could be rejected at the recycling centre if any rubbish got noticed there.)

In the Vale of White Horse District – two weeks ago, out of 63,000 bins, 2,211 got a contamination sticker:
* Black bags/coloured bags – 1078
* Food – 331
* Textiles – 206
* Other – 596

We have two bins in our kitchen, one recyclable, and one not. When I transfer the recyclable bin to the green bin, I sometimes notice a jay cloth and put it in the black wheelie bin. On other occasions I save a glass jar and put it in the green wheelie bin.

24 Hour Yellow Submarine-stream-a-thon

Yellow Submarine
Oxfordshire learning disability charity Yellow Submarine, who do a lot of activities in Abingdon, is marking 100 days of lockdown by a 24-hour live-streaming marathon this Monday.

Staff member Jack has kept its members entertained, comforted, challenged and stimulated from day one, and now he’s going the extra mile by vowing to keep awake for 24 hours and keep the entertainment coming.

Throughout lockdown, Jack has hosted quizzes and talent shows, DJ’d discos, given fitness workouts, held cooking and art demos and more.

Yellow Submarine is hoping to raise £1000 over the 24 hours. Jack has promised to shave off his unruly hair and beard live on screen if the target is reached during the streaming.

Jack says, ‘But as well as a fundraiser, this is an opportunity to celebrate the strength, resilience and bravery of all of our members during this challenging time, they have done INCREDIBLY!’

Visit to help.

After a cool start to June we are having some hot days

Hottest Day of the year
Temperature went above 31 C as an alert was put in place telling people to take extra care in the sun.
Hottest Day of the year
I wonder about the risks of swimming in the River Thames. But I do know that not swallowing water reduces the risks of getting Weil’s disease.
Hottest Day of the year
It was a lovely sunny day. Whether that will help stop the spread of the Coronavirus no longer seems sure. The southern states of the USA,  and Mexico and Brazil are still experiencing a rise in cases, and they get a lot of sun.

Government advice about bubbles, and numbers of people in groups, and whether you can hug people and go indoors with them is becoming very confusing, and changing by the day, and so we are better to stay alert. We, and not the government, are responsible for our own health.
Hottest Day of the year
W H Smiths re-opened today in Abingdon. A lot more businesses including pubs and restaurants and hairdressers can open from July 4th. However tattoo shops, nail and beauty salons, and gyms still have to wait for their go ahead.

Nail salons and tattoo shops were wearing PPE before the rest of us. It is ironic that they are at the end of the queue.