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Easter Events in Abingdon before Easter

Some Easter Events
At Trinity the annual Church in Abingdon Lent Lectures came to an end on Monday. The church has been reconfigured for Experience Easter this week and so the lecture took place on the Labyrinth.
Some Easter Events
Will Donaldson gave the lectures based on his book about the Beatitudes: Living differently to make a difference. Will Donaldson is the chaplain at St Edmund Hall in Oxford. St Edmund Hall  was named after St Edmund of Abingdon, and Will has also written a book about St Edmund of Abingdon called The Servant Heart. The front cover shows the statue of St Edmund in the grounds of St Edmund Hall.
Some Easter Events
Lots of school children will be going to Trinity this week for Experience Easter – a series of workshops, specially developed by Trinity Learning  to allow KS2 students to follow The Easter Story in a meaningful way. This will be the tenth year of Experience Easter.
Some Easter Events
In ten days time on 6th April 2019 the Abingdon Passion Play is happening. There will be other activities, including an Easter Egg Hunt, before the main performance at 2pm.

Abingdon – Local Election Countdown – still time

Local Election Countdown
The district council has sent out a press release: Time to choose who represents you on local issues – make sure you’re registered to vote in time for the local elections on May 2nd. It includes an election countdown:

3 April –  deadline for candidate nominations ( take forms to district council office in Milton Park – pictured above)
4 April – details of candidates published

8 April – voters should receive a polling card (if registered to vote before 8th March)
12 April – deadline to register to vote in this election
15 April – deadline for applications to vote by post (5pm) – to download an application form visit
19 April – voters should receive a polling card (if registered to vote from 8th March to 12 April)
24 April – deadline for applications to vote by proxy (5pm)
26 April – people expecting a postal vote should call 01235 422528 to request a replacement if it has not arrived.

2 May – voting day (7am to 10pm)
3 May – election results

Residents not already registered at their current address can do so now at or by calling 01235 422528 for a registration form. Anybody who is not sure if they are registered to vote can check by emailing with their name and address or by calling 01235 422528.

Abingdon residents are asked to vote for district councillors who will represent their local area and help make decisions on issues such as recycling collections, planning, housing, parking, leisure, and half the town’s play areas.

Abingdon residents are also asked to vote for town councillors who will represent their communities on issues that affect them, by commenting on planning applications and other proposals, and maintaining the Guildhall and County Hall Museum and Market Place,  allotments, cemeteries, and half the town’s play areas.

Sunshine on New Leaves

Sunshine on New Leaves
Leaves are early this year after a mild March. There have been a couple of days of sunshine and the leaves have been opening as seen on the walk along the Ock Valley Walk.
Sunshine on New Leaves
The tender new leaves are already capturing the sun’s energy, and they look so much better than the weather beaten, bug blighted leaves of late summer.

Back to the future with Reeves

Salamis Fish Bar in Abingdon closed a few weeks ago, for refurbishment, and has now been rebranded as Reeves.

Reeves is the family name of the previous proprietors.
Meanwhile back along Ock Street the demolition of Bellinger’s car dealership is underway.