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Out with the old and in with the new

Out with the old
At the recycling centre in Drayton a pink guitar, a painted wooden duck, and a cookie jar have been put aside. Somebody thought they were worth saving.

The big yellow claw will crush the other rubbish.
Out with the old
Some of our old things get sold on Gumtree or Ebay, donated to charity shops., or left out on the street for FREE.

Out with the old and in with the new means MOVE FORWARD.

New lamps for old means the old was worth more than the new.

Abingdon Town Centre Shop Changes in 2018 (12th annual review)

2018 was a good year with more business gains than losses in Abingdon town centre.
Changes in 2018
Press on Changes in 2018 for a bigger (pdf) version of the map showing the changes.

Green is a shop that was vacant at the start of the year which is now occupied.
Yellow means a change of business.
Red is a vacant shop premises that was occupied at the start of the year.

Change in 2007 ( 6 green, 5 yellow, 10 red ) – Net Loss 4
Change in 2008 ( 10 green, 8 yellow, 13 red ) – Net Loss 3
Change in 2009 ( 9 green, 6 yellow, 6 red ) – Net Gain 3
Change in 2010 ( 9 green, 6 yellow, 5 red ) – Net Gain 4
Change in 2011 ( 2 green, 8 yellow, 5 red ) – Net Loss 3
Change in 2012 ( 6 green, 1 yellow, 7 red ) – Net Loss 1
Change in 2013 ( 6 green, 8 yellow, 6 red ) – Net Change 0
Change in 2014 ( 6 green, 8 yellow, 6 red ) – Net Change 0
Change in 2015 ( 6 green, 8 yellow, 6 red ) – Net Change 0
Change in 2016 ( 10 green, 5 yellow, 5 red ) – Net Gain 5
Change in 2017 ( 3 green, 6 yellow, 7 red ) – Net Loss 4
Change in 2018 ( 7 green, 6 yellow, 4 red ) – Net Gain 3

Welcome to:
Abingdon Bistro – may not be the final name
Abingdon Fish & Chips
New in 2018
Bulgarian Coffee and Restaurant – Tansi
New in 2018
Empire Tailoring Services
Children’s Air Ambulance
H&H Nail Salon
MIU Beautique
Pablo Lounge
New in 2018
Wysteria Avenue

Goodbye to:
Dorothy Perkins
La Baguette
Rosie’s Tea Room
Thomas Cook
Wildwood Kitchen

Move to new premises:
Galaxy Techno
The Nursery Shop

Change to similar business in same premises:
Abingdon Spice (replaces Majliss)
Abingdon Barbers (replaces Istanbul Barbers)
Seems Oriental (replaces Oriental Food Mart)

Please note Helen’s Beauty Work Shop has not closed. They have relocated to 21 West St Helens Street, OX14 5BL,
Within Ebony-Marni. For appointments/enquirers please call 07468419674, email or go to our Facebook page.

(let me know any mistakes in this annual roundup)

New in 2018
There was a trend in 2018 to use Abingdon in name changes and new businesses.

Circular Walk via Abingdon Weir and Lock

Circular Walk
There were some lovely clear reflections from the River Thames upstream from Abingdon Bridge.
Circular Walk
Nearing Abingdon Weir the water got rougher. Lots of people were enjoying the walk, and riverside views.
Circular Walk
The walkway over Abingdon Weir
Circular Walk
and Lock makes a circular walk possible – along one bank and back along the other.
Circular Walk
Next to the weir a stone reads:


The stone is mounted in concrete. Since 1649. the weir has been reconstructed and repaired numerous times. I gather that the walkway across the weir was added during work in the 1960s.

How to Be Human, in Abingdon

How to Be
Ruby Wax will be talking about her book How to be Human at the Amey Theatre at Abingdon School on January 8th thanks to Mostly Books.
How to Be
Then as part of the ATOM Science Festival, Dr Hannah Fry will be giving a talk on ‘How to Be Human in the Age of the Machine‘ on 22nd March at the Amey Theatre at Abingdon School.

It will interesting to hear their different talks about How to Be Human, in Abingdon.
How to Be