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Storm Doris Zs through Abingdon

Storm Doris
The walk near the almshouses was cordoned off because of a dangerous branch on one the large conifers near the church.
Storm Doris
The wind was strong enough to blow over wheelie bins and traffic cones in Abingdon today, and to send clouds speeding across the sky.
Storm Doris
One tree possibly blown over by Storm Doris was in the Albert Park. It appeared that the protective cage had blown over pulling down the small tree with it.
Storm Doris
Early daffodils were blowing in the wind near the Bowls Club, and twigs had fallen on a lot of the walks on this very windy day.
Storm Doris
On the Ock Valley Walk a number of large willow trees were down – not blown down by the wind. They were cut back as part of the management of the area before the storm.

Big contribution to Abingdon

Brian Moylan
Brian Moylan died recently. He worked at MG cars and was very active in the MG car club.

A week ago, Tom Larman, who ran Abingdon Town FC and social club, had a funeral service at Trinity Church.
Alan Bryden
Near the end of 2016, Alan Bryden died. He was a County Councillor and Town Councillor. You may also recognise him from leading walks round Abingdon.

All three made a big contribution to community life in Abingdon.

Bellingers Retirement Home

Thanks to Charlie for the following.
Bellingers Retirement
“I’d firstly like to thank you for your excellent blog highlighting so many really wonderful things and organisations the town and it’s people have to offer. As a relatively new arrival to Abingdon it really has helped us settle in to the town and given us an insight into the community and the events on that are so very hard to find when you move to a new place.

I’m sure your not short of posts but we live near the Bellinger garage and have just become aware the planning application by Churchill retirement homes for 39 retirement apartments has been submitted. The application can be found at …

As it happens I was short of posts after 4 days away, and work is very busy at the moment. And so it was very helpful.
Bellingers Retirement
On a personal note I got rid of the Corsa when Bellingers moved, and bought a Panda from the local Fiat dealer instead.

I used to use that same Hartwell garage when they sold and serviced Rovers. The Rover logo has long since gone, as have the petrol pumps and convenience store.

Postcards of the Past

There are lots of interesting images of Abingdon that appear on ebay, some of them asking quite a high price.

How much would you be willing to pay for the following cards currently on ebay?
Postcards of the Past
Abingdon Snow Scene April 26 1908. River & Church
Postcards of the Past
Abingdon. Carswell Council School, Bostock Road
Postcards of the Past
Abingdon – the market square

The asking prices are £17.50 (with free postage) for the first one, £8.00 (and free postage) for the second, and £3 (with £1 postage) for the third.

The Action For Children In Conflict charity shop in Bath Street had a box of old postcards for sale at £1 each, and removed them for valuation. None of them were of Abingdon but to the right person could fetch far more.