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Beales’ store closing in Abingdon – few days left

Beales close their department store on the Fairacres Estate on January 8th 2017.
Beales, which has been trading since 1881, had 29 branches across the UK until they hit financial problems. As a result they are having to restructure and are closing ten of those stores including the one in Abingdon.

Beales in Abingdon sold clothing, beauty products, homewares, toys, electrical goods and gifts, and have a large cafe area upstairs. It has been a popular store, so will we missed by many people in Abingdon. It was Contact Electrical and Comfortmaker (owned by Anglia Retail Cooperative Society) before Beales took it over in 2011.

Another year has gone by quicker than the last.

Walking beside the River Ock there were some beautiful views as the sun went down behind the mist.
In places the frost was still slippery. Another year has gone by quicker than the last.

I wonder what next year will bring to Abingdon. Will the Upper Reaches Hotel have a future? Will Abingdon get a neighbourhood plan? Will the Guildhall revamp be completed?

It is eleven years since I started an Abingdon Blog. Will I have enough ideas, and get enough items sent in, to keep it current? Should I do a revamp to make it look up to date? Has the granny wallpaper had its day?

Abingdon Town Centre Changes in 2016

2016 was a good year with more business gains than losses in Abingdon town centre .
Changes in 2015
Press on Changes in 2016 for a bigger (pdf) version of the map showing the changes.

Green is a shop that was vacant at the start of the year which is now occupied.
Yellow means a change of business.
Red is a vacant shop premises that was occupied at the start of the year.

Change in 2007 ( 6 green, 5 yellow, 10 red ) – Net Loss 4
Change in 2008 ( 10 green, 8 yellow, 13 red ) – Net Loss 3
Change in 2009 ( 9 green, 6 yellow, 6 red ) – Net Gain 3
Change in 2010 ( 9 green, 6 yellow, 5 red ) – Net Gain 4
Change in 2011 ( 2 green, 8 yellow, 5 red ) – Net Loss 3
Change in 2012 ( 6 green, 1 yellow, 7 red ) – Net Loss 1
Change in 2013 ( 6 green, 8 yellow, 6 red ) – Net Change 0
Change in 2014 ( 6 green, 8 yellow, 6 red ) – Net Change 0
Change in 2015 ( 6 green, 8 yellow, 6 red ) – Net Change 0
Change in 2016 ( 10 green, 5 yellow, 5 red ) – Net Gain 5

Welcome to:
Abingdon Picture Framing
Costa (in front of the Old Gaol) – I need to add this to the map
Dorindos (restaurant)
Khushi’s Eyebrow Boutique (beauty)
Leona Noronha (natural hairdresser) – opening soon if not opened yet
Marmaris (men’s Turkish barber)
Peacocks and Edinburgh Woollen Mill (clothes)
New in 2016
R&R (coffee + cafe)
New in 2016
Simpsons(Estate Agents)
Velvet Creations (beauty)
Wildwood Kitchen (restaurant)
New in 2016
Goodbye to:
Cottage Imperial
Fantasia Bridal
Fine Guitars
Lucky 7s (betting)
Stan James (betting)
TechnoC – still in Suffolk way
The Olives

Move to new premises:
Superdrug – move to bigger shop
New in 2016
Avicenna – was Smiths before the move to an ex-pub near the Abingdon Surgery

Change to similar business in same premises:
Broad Face – re-opened after major refurbishment
New in 2016
Chaba Thai – expanded to also use the downstairs shop
Jhoots Pharmacy – was Lloyds Phramacy
Patisserie Pascal – new owner after previous owners retired
Smarts (fish and chips) – re-opened after major refurbishment

(let me know any mistakes in this annual roundup)