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Founder of Abingdon Surgery remembered

Last week there was a service of remembrance for Dr Milward Cecil Hayward – one of the men from Abingdon who died 100 years ago in World War I.

The Grandchildren of Dr Hayward organised the service at St Nicolas Church, with the help of Revd. Paul Smith, and relatives came from far and wide for the event.
Dr Hayward
Dr Hayward is the founder of the Abingdon Surgery, having set up a practise at 65 Stert Street in 1902.
Dr Hayward
He volunteered at the start of the Great War, and so left the practise, to join the 3rd Home Counties Field Ambulance . On 11th May 1915, he was hit by a shell on the Menin Road, Ypres, causing damage to his spine and lungs. He subsequently died of pneumonia on August 23rd 1916, and is buried at Abingdon Spring Road Cemetery. The epitaph on his grave has the words of Jesus “Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.”

St Helen’s Powercut

At about 8:30pm we got a call from our daughter, who lives in St Helens Mill, saying they had a powercut. We were not affected, but stepping outside I was in darkness and nearly bumped into somebody coming up the path.
Walking round I found the powercut affected most of the town centre roads with St Helen in their name, below the Co-op.
Candles lit up some evening meals, and pedestrians found there way using mobile phone torches. The old anchor had lamps outside.

It was strange that it did not affect our house. Shows we can all be wired differently.